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Monday, May 7, 2012


1. Alexandra fell asleep on me last night while I watched Once Upon A Time, and made me think back to her infancy. When she'd fall asleep on me I'd just sit there in heaven, desperate to pee, ravenous and thirsty. It didn't matter; I was happiest just soaking up the baby love, slightly sweaty from the little baby furnace curled up on me. It was absolute heaven last night, watching Snow White kick ass while Alexandra dreamed away on my chest. And it was super rad how Todd and I changed her into an overnight diaper without even waking her up. But I will admit it was also pretty nice peeing after we placed her sleeping little body in her crib on a commercial break.

2. I am officially over that "Somebody That I Used To Know" song by Gotye. It's on every goddamn channel on the radio, and it's played every single day on every single one of them. I no longer care that she had her friends collect her records, that she treats him like a stranger, or that he screwed her over and couldn't get over an old flame. Go screw yourselves, Gotye and Kimbra. You were in my head on repeat this morning from 5am to when I finally fell back asleep by forcing myself to think of the Harry Potter theme.

3. Speaking of 5am this morning, I had an attack of my allergies. First I was so stuffed up I couldn't breathe. So I blew my nose a couple of times and then had to go use some Afrin. Then I apparently blew my nose another seven times (Todd, moved by a pity that is shocking considering I woke him up at 5am to blow my nose, counted how many times I had to do it) after a sneezing fit. Thankfully I didn't sneeze out the Afrin awesomeness, because I finally was able to breathe. I hate you allergies. Flowers, you suck. Trees, you're all a bunch of jerks.

4. We had pizza last night from Papa Murphy's. I strongly urge all of you, ALL OF YOU, to go there and get the taco pizza. Holy crap, that thing was like heaven. It was two indulgences, pizza and Mexican food, combining forces to create what can only be described as another wonder of the world, or to my diet plan, maybe another Horcrux. I told Todd last night, if only they could have found a way to include a ribeye steak and some pasta carbonara. Although had they figured that out the sun probably would have went nova from the sheer epicness.

5. Saturday, as I furiously scrubbed out more butt stains from another piece of furniture, I was back to hating the cat. But then this morning he lounged on the bathroom counter, purring, hanging out with me while I put my makeup on so I guess I'm back to kind of liking him. I need to find kitty diapers I guess.

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