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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Run Run Run.

Last night after half an hour of weights, I ran for three miles, only my second run since THE TRIATHLON in March. I had told myself no running for two full months but I couldn't keep away from it. Although I have decided that for perhaps all summer, no running outdoors on pavement at all, because that was really upping the pain during my training.

Anyways, I guess the reason I am making this its very own topic today is all to due with my knee. I ran three miles yesterday and today... it actually doesn't hurt as bad as it typically does. I mean, I'm even in heels today, which before, caused a lot of pain. Now, before I go on, let me say that when I say my knee hurts, it's not actually my knee. It's the shin bone right below my knee, where the tendon meets the bone. Here:

I had issues with tendon pain along the outside of my ankles for months so I wouldn't be surprised if this is some tendon thing. I stretch my knees after each run, honest. If it's not tendons then I am mildly concerned about a stress fracture. But, when I push down on it like in the picture, it feels slightly swollen and it hurts.

BUT ANYWAYS, my point is that today it hurts less and this was after some high impact sport. It hurts more after a long bike ride than a quick 30 minute run. So I'm confused, but also super, super happy. It felt so good to run for longer than like, the door to the mailbox or across the yard when Alex is about to step in dog poop.

I missed running. In fact I am such a big fan of running that, whether or not it's true, I'm blaming all the vigorous biking I had to do during my many moons of triathlon training. And while I'm so grateful to the tri for my newfound swimming skills and stamina, I'm admittedly a little irritated that it has caused a new injury. My knees never, ever, EVER bothered me when I would run 3x a week (tendons are another issue but I digress), and after several weeks of triathlon workouts, it began to take it's toll on old righty here.

So I was delighted to find that all evening last night, severe knee/shin/tendon pain never descended like it typically does after a 10 mile bike ride. I know, I know, biking is like zero impact, but it certainly does use those knees, and like I said, only when cycling was introduced into my workout regimen did the knee thing flare up.

Here's to hoping I can slowly start adding more runs into my weekly workout routine. As of now I'll only devote one day to it, and like I said, treadmills only. But keep your fingers crossed for me, friends, because it felt divine and I'd love to get back into it on a more frequent basis.

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