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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm dedicating this post to my stupid summer cold which is so much worse than winter colds. Winter colds at least come with the territory. Chills? Have a blanket. Sore throat? Have some hot tea  and honey. Having sweats and then chills when it's 100 degrees out feels disgusting. Sweating from drinking hot tea in 100 degree weather is also disgusting. Anyways.

One thing we keep around the house for times such as these, for both the infected (me) and the totally-doesn't-want-to-get-sick (Todd),  is a big box of Emergen-C packets.

Now I'm not being paid to endorse these guys or anything but God do I love them. They taste delicious and check out the sucker punch of vitamins and minerals they contain:

Hey-o, holy vitamin C surge, batman! Now, there's no proof that they'll cure you but there is no denying that the laundry list of awesome up there is good for you. And while I have no problems taking Aleve or cold meds when I'm not feeling well, I also like taking more than just symptom cover-ups. I like knowing I'm at least participating in my body's biddy-battle with the cold bugs in my system. And perhaps it's psychosomatic, but I really do feel better after downing one of these bad boys.

I recommend you mix the packet with only a couple of ounces of very cold water. It tastes a lot better that way than in a full 8oz of water, because then it's too diluted and tastes like tepid water that was poured into a cup that once held orange juice in it but you can only taste a shadow of the fruit.

Anyways, if you've never tried them, they're available at Trader Joe's for around $10 and you get a whole slew of them. Happy vitamin-chugging, everyone!

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