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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday Workout (on Thursday)!

Okay, so I did do this workout yesterday, which is why it's still called a Wednesday Workout. Anyways, what I love about this workout is that it really focuses on the back, which is an area I tend to unintentionally ignore. So it's nice to know that this little routine, designed by Todd, can always give my back a sucker punch in a good way.

Do each exercise 15- 20 times (12 if you get wiped out), and do the whole circuit 3 times, no rests except for water. And I don't recommend drinking water before your third round of push-ups. Just putting that out there.


15 pushups
20 sprinter crunches. Lie on your back, legs straight and arms stretched overhead (on the floor). With a quick burst of energy, bring your left elbow and right knee together. Sort of like a bicycle crunch but not? Todd suggests doing them very quickly. Don't forget to use your abs though, and not momentum to get up there.
15 tricep chair dips.
20 Russian twists
15 squats with a medicine ball. Squat down, throw the ball on the floor, catch it as it bounces up and raise up, lifting the ball high over your head until arms are fully extended. That's one.

Now rinse and repeat three times, and enjoy the happy, sore muscles tomorrow.

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