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Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday Boy.

This sex beast is 34 years old today. I've been with him for seven of those years, and every single day I still can't believe how I lucked out. He's loving, kind, and loyal. Strong, brave, and intelligent. Funny, sweet, and understanding. He's open minded and thoughtful, well-spoken and well-traveled. He's adventurous and loves trying new things. He's creative and artistic but also pragmatic and no-nonsense. He's skilled in so many incredible time-saving and money-saving ways. He's motivated and self-empowered. He is beyond patient. He's an amazing father, and the bond between Alexandra and him is pure joy to witness. He is the best husband out there, and our little family is all the better for having him as a most beloved and cherished member.

Happy birthday, Todd.

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