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Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Paderno spiralizer

So this thing right here is a fucking badass. Do you see, in the photo, what this badass did to that sweet potato? IT MADE NOODLES OUT OF THAT SWEET POTATO. Do you know how much I love pasta and that thanks to this Paleo horseshit I decided on doing, I haven't had it since January 3rd? I LOVE PASTA. But, since I had a cheat day at a baby shower and ate gluten, and subsequently started getting itchy all over my body, I realized that I probably need to live my life avoiding pasta.

I would have cried, but when that thought dawned on me I had already owned this badass machine for 48 hours and I knew my pasta cravings would be satiated. In fact, Friday night I made a heaping mess of noodles from just one freaking cucumber, man. Think what I could do to an army of zucchini! A hoard of sweet potatoes! And I bet I could make carrot noodles and parsnip noodles and holy hell, if you can make a goddamn noodle out of it, then I'm going to do it and sprinkle Parmesan all over it and  if you even get in my way, I'll bite your fingers off. 

Review: A+++

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