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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Swim School!!

My baby girl is in swim lessons and let me just stop you RIGHT HERE to let you know that the other two kiddos in the class are 3 and 4. My baby is 2 and 4 months (and as tall as the 4 year old) and has already graduated to POLLYWOG class okay? So there! 

I mean, you can see why, what with this laid back chill out attitude in the water, and this was back when she was a flounder:

Ready for a starfish? Cause Alex is:

And here is a popcorn! Underwater for a moment, then POP up you go.

Three little flounders on a pool step:

"Mooom, stop it, I am trying to focus"

Underwater picture! This will show up on her certificate of completion.

Get that kick-board, girl!

While she can definitely blow some bubbles...

And definitely do some super-rad kicking...

It's not a combination she can handle right now. She looks so tired, my poor little flounder.

But after a rest and some bubble blowing in the water sitting safely on the stairs...

We're all grins again!

Ooh, time for the monkey walk, along the pool's edge, down the length of the pool. This is a moment for fleeting concern.

But she sticks with it. WHICH IS WHY SHE IS NOW A POLLYWOG.

Just a little boost from teacher and my baby is out of the pool (mostly) on her own like a boss!

"You did it!"

"I DID IT!!!!"

Time to dive!


And now a swim to the stairs.

"Well? Was that it? What's next you guys, maybe the POLLYWOG level?!"

(These photos all look a little misty due to, well, all the misters that were lined around the seating areas)

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