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Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Favorite Dream.

I'm sitting here watching PBS and there's a promo for a show on dreams. It reminded me of my absolute most favorite dream ever. I dreamed it about 10 or 12 years ago but I remember it as if it occurred just last night.

It's pitch black. It's space, actually. And I'm naked. I'm falling through infinite space, naked as the day I was born, my back down and looking up. Periodically through my fall, which is heavenly and exhilarating, not at all terrifying or anything, I fall through a very thin sheet of stars. They feel like tiny cool beads on my back. I'm grinning, laughing, just falling through space.

It was wonderful, one of the most serene and joyous feelings ever. When I stopped falling, it's because I've landed on the moon, which is silvery, powdery gray. In face, every step sends up a small glittery, shimmery puff of moon dust. Just lovely.

Then I got on a plane, and my old cat, Park Avenue, was in first class with me. So we cuddled up together and took off, presumably to fly home. I am not sure, because I woke up after settling in with Park. I assume that part of the dream could be when he came to curl up with me in bed. I'm not sure.

It was just remarkable and whenever I think of that dream, I think maybe my subconscious was trying to remind me how much of a bad ass I am. I hope everyone has a dream like that.

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