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Friday, August 31, 2012

Cedar Plank Salmon

I'm one of those women who happily leaves the grilling territory to her darling husband. I don't do it because I feel it's not my place, or because I adhere to the ancient sexist roles of cook vs. griller. I do it because A: I don't know how to grill well, B: I don't WANT to know how to grill and C: it's nice to get the cooking out of my kitchen, which is basically the same as reason D: I don't want to have to cook every goddamn meal. There is also the most important, even though it's last, E: Todd is an absolute whiz at grilling. Perfect food, every time.

But this recipe seriously undermines the life choice that is B. It is SO good, and SO easy, sometimes I have half a mind to just go out there, turn on the propane and blow us all to smithereens, all in the name of Cedar Plank Salmon.

I'm sure plenty of people are already ~in the know~ about using planks for grilling, but I'm not sure how many people know about this super simple recipe. In fact, it only requires a few ingredients.

Cedar Plank Salmon
serves two

1 cedar plank, pre-soaked at least one hour
1 salmon fillet, 12 - 16oz
6 tbsp +/- Dijon mustard
6 tbsp +/- brown sugar

UM THAT IS IT. Here are the players:

And since the plank doesn't take up much space, there's plenty of room on the grill for some yummy veggies:

Here are the planks we use. I get them at Fry's, and I think it's less than $6 for two planks.

Here is a little behind-the-scenes action.

After an hour, heat up your grill to whatever, I don't grill. But if you're reading this recipe, YOU know how to grill, or you know someone who does. Oh hell, hang on, let me google this shit. Bobby Flay, who told me personally about this recipe in a friendly email about gardening and indie movies, says: Heat to medium high, set to indirect grilling. I don't even know if Todd does the last part. ANYWAYS. At this point, slather on your mustard. If you recall, I said you could do more or less of the 6 tbsp. The only key is, however much mustard you use, the brown sugar amount should be the same.

Oooooh, now for the sugar.

When the grill is heated, throw on your cedar plank for about two or three minutes a side. This photo was taken after Todd flipped it because when he first put it on I was transfixed by the TV and only realized I had missed a photo opportunity when he came back in. I pleaded and begged but he just said "wait til I flip it" so I watched more TV.

When it's done, bring the plank in, put the salmon on and return to the grill.

Hey, look at those yummy kabobs!

The kabobs were done first...

And here comes the salmon! Judging by the condition of the plank, I'd say that perhaps the heating was a little more forward... A little more... direct, shall we say? Hurrrr hurrr.

Add some legumes (tossed with sun-dried tomatoes) for a healthy carb and some additional protein and fiber and presto!

The salmon is absolutely tender, with the sweet and savory all carmelized on top. And the juices... Oh my. It's a winner and considering how low maintenance this recipe is, it remains, to this day, the top temptation to learn how to master the grill.

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