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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bloppity Bloopity Randoms

I haven't been blogging lately because the past two days have been seriously chaotic. Wednesday morning the sink resurfacing guy woke us all up by knocking loudly on the door. Todd had him down for Thursday morning but voila, there he was. He took most of the day, our kitchen was completely taped up and blocked off and this was all going on while it rained cats and dogs for four hours straight (unimaginable shit here in Tucson; morning rain? Rain lasting more than 40 minutes? WHAT), and while I tried to clean the house around him.

Thursday we went to swim lessons (I will be talking about this in more detail when I upload the photos I took), then raced back home to change and get ready for our lunch date downtown with my friend Amber and her darling boy James. Alexandra looked positively fried during lunch and at one point I thought she would literally just plunk her head down in her plate of food, fast asleep. But no! Girlfriend was ready for the musuem!

We spent well over an hour there in the little jungle themed romp room. At one point a horrible little boy bullied Alexandra twice sending her into tears but did the boy's mom come and remove him from play to teach him not to be a bully? Of course not! Why discipline children! Just feed them more Lunchables! Anyways, after that we went home, Alex napped and boom, Todd's dad had to come over to watch Alex real fast while Todd and I went to go sign some documents and then it's work out time and then explosions happen, etc.

Did I mention that since we got our sink resurfaced and repainted that we can't use it until tomorrow? Do you know how annoying it is to prepare a dish that contains raw chicken without a sink nearby in which to constantly wash your hands? Do you know how annoying it is to have to walk to the bathroom, hands held out in front of you like a biohazard, to wash chicken juice off of them before walking back to the dining room to remove your child from her booster seat before she falls and lands face first on a concrete floor?

It is seriously annoying, like totally!

It's funny how just one little home improvement thing like that can throw a wrench in everyday living. We've done stuff to our house before. Todd re-did all three bathrooms in the downtown house, one at a time so we wouldn't have to deal with it for long. But when you're heavily pregnant and you have to walk around a cast iron claw foot tub, on its side like that ship I talked about before right beside your bed, for six and a half weeks, it is super annoying. So I guess I just schooled myself in regards to bitching about dealing with no kitchen sink for more than two days.

Aaaaanyways. It has just seemed a little wackadoo around the house lately.  Last week was insane too. Lots of meetings and dentist appointments and HEY GUYS did I mention I will likely require a crown in my mouth? My first one! Pour me a drink, ugh. Also using unwaxed dental floss sucks but is actually pretty effective.

But some good news is that we totally took advantage of a local furniture store's 50% off sale and got three wonderful pieces of furniture for, yep, half the price. Our coffee table is built like a brick shithouse and is beautiful; we replaced Todd's funky old nasty metal filing cabinet with a gorgeous wood filing cabinet that is much larger and gives him room to grow; our crappy Target sofa table (Todd never met a sofa table before he met me) has now been replaced by a large and gorgeous media cabinet, whose identity we have changed to fit our needs. Now our TV room/Todd's office looks neat as a pin (when Alex hasn't done her little shredder routine) and classy to boot. No offense to Target furniture but when you have owned a piece of build-it-yourself furniture, that uses wood glue and voodoo to put together, for over seven years, it starts to look a little chintzy.

Another purchase I've recently made is my first ever pair of skinny jeans and I LOVE THEM. They are so flattering! H&M is my new favorite. I have tried stuff on there twice before and nothing looked right, maybe because I was trying to keep to a size. But I let go and let God, and just went with much larger sizes and boom, nice fits! Plus they are SO inexpensive. H&M and Pier 1 are slowly becoming my new Targets.

I'm dying inside, slowly, waiting for True Blood's season finale on Sunday. Thank God Todd and I got into Boardwalk Empire recently. Although the serious lack of strong female characters is disheartening. But then again I loved Sex and the City and I am sure a lot of people would want to take my Strong Woman membership card and rip it up so there you go.

True Blood! EEEEEE. Pam better not die or I will hit someone.

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