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Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Feeling

It happened on Friday as I walked to my car after work, and it happened yesterday, too: a feeling of fall. It's a little early to be getting that vibe, but I definitely felt it. It's a subtle change to the light and the intensity of the sun, and it's something about breezes that aren't just gusts of hot air, that actually behave how a breeze should.

Usually these moments strike me sometime in September. The sun's rays aren't as potent and there's... there's a quality to it that has changed. It's settling down, relaxing into autumn. It's a fun and exciting sensation, too. A promise of respite from the heat. A promise that the humidity will die down as the monsoon season dies with it. And we have had one HELL of a monsoon this season. Finally!

It's not a lot to talk about today but I wanted to make note of it. I don't know if other people pick up on that subtle feeling of things slowly shifting gears into another season, but I like that I do. I feel connected to things, and it's nice to realize that I'm not so caught up in myself and my little world that I can't realize the bigger, the enormous things that are going on around me.

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