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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finger Painting.

A couple of Sundays ago, while Todd napped, I decided to throw down a sheet on the kitchen floor, strip my baby down to her diaper and let her go nuts in her first foray into finger painting. Now, I wasn't sure how this would go. Like a lot of little kids and, hey, adults as well, Alex can have texture issues. At the beach, having sand touch her was just the worst thing. Until Todd todd her how to play in it, then it was a blast.

So I wasn't sure how the cool goopy goodness would appeal to her. I guess I'll just let you see for yourself.

So cute here, squatted down and so into painting that she never once hammed it up for the camera.

I know it's blurry but I love the sense of action it provides. Also a wee bit of zaniness.

Look at that hair!

This picture below is one of my favorites. The tilt of her head, the sunshine in her hair, the focus and determination in her play.

Cherub. My heart.

Then she figured out how to get her own paint out...

"Did any come out? I'mma check."

"Let me stand up and really work on this."


"Is this edible?"

"Ohhh! Point it down and then squeeze!"

Overall it was an exercise in play, creativity and learning new skills. And it was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again. There was nothing like sitting there with her in my lap, both of her hands wet and cold from the gobs of paint. Looking over her shoulder, watching her fingers smear into the thick globs of paint, drawing abstract designs into it. Watching which color she liked most (can you guess from the photos?) Using her left to paint on her paper, the right would list and bob a bit on my right leg, leaving pale, multi-colored streaks everywhere on my skin. I felt like an Easter egg, I was so painted up.

The luckiest Easter egg in the whole world.

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