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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She's Crafy, And She's Just My Type

Hey, wow, another post about all the cool crap I can do for a party! This time it's a craft-type thing, or at least a decorating-type thing.

I rigged these bad boys up in our backyard a few days before Alex's birthday bash:

Sorry the picture is blurry, my arms were still weak from being held over my head for two hours straight as I stood on a ladder hanging up all this sexiness.

Anyways, it's no big deal but I thought I'd share the technique for those who are inspired by their epic awesomeness and my incredible skill.

I took three strands of colored Christmas lights (or fairy lights, which in this case is a much better fit), wound one around the trunk of the tree and up one branch. Then I attached a second strand, had to run the mothertrucker through the first lantern, leaving enough length to be balled up, secured with twine, and then suspended in the center of the lantern. I left an extra long tail of twine so I could tie it to the top of the lantern.

If I hadn't tied the balls of lights up with string, and then hung them from the top of the lantern, the lights would have just fallen to the bottom of the lantern where they would have protruded out the bottom hole, looking like a prolapsed colon. Anyways. I proceeded with all four lanterns and was left with this effect. Since we had the materials, it was all free, and the light was a lot softer and more beautiful than had I just put light bulbs in them.

It was fun despite the labor involved, and I felt like a total badass that evening when I lit them up in the inky dark backyard, and viola, a fairy wonderland was created.

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