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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inka-dinka-pink indeed!

Today was one of those blissed out days. I only lost my shit for like 1 second while rushing through Alexandra's breakfast so we could hit up the zoo with our buddies Amber and her son James, but aside from that, not a single hiccup.

Like I said, we went to the zoo, and we fed carrot sticks to a big giraffe. Let me tell you when they say giraffes spook easily and don't like to be touched, they mean it. That giraffe regarded me with ill concealed suspicion unless there was a carrot in my hand. Anyways, I fed him one stick and Alex did too, brave thing she is (Todd says her chi is vigorous - which I guess is why she can run around in winter with no pants and socks on and feed enormous creatures without nary a thought).

Afterwards we tracked down a hard shell kiddie pool and a new suit, though after she pooped we just tossed her back in the pool naked as a blue jay. And the most wonderful thing happened: I broke out the sunscreen for her, and she smelled like summer for the rest of the day. After her nap and my bike ride, our neighbors brought their nephew over for round two in the pool and ham and crackers in front of youtube animal videos.

I just... It was lovely. Lovely weather, lovely time with Alexandra, loveliness all around. And to top it off, this happened:

Did I tell you that today was blissed out?

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