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Monday, April 16, 2012


I've been so remiss with posting lately, and to the 4.68 people who read this regularly, I'm sorry for being so boring. I have a couple of food posts I need to do, and the pictures are on my camera but my God, do you really expect me to plug it into my computer and transfer them? I mean, how hard am I supposed to work, here?

Anyways, I've also sort of been drawing a blank about what to write. There's no big huge topic looming on my mind. I guess could do another Randoms post today, for updates such as:

Alexandra turns two on Wednesday (!!!!!)

She's started picking her nose

Todd cleaned up the back yard and it looks really nice

I've resorted to windexing my kitchen floor every other day because it gets so filthy, so quickly, and I am tired of mopping the mother fucker only for it to be utterly disgusting in less than 12 hours

I ate a ton of naughty carbs this weekend and I felt so gross and puffy last night that I looked six months pregnant

My knee is barely even hurting today so woohoo!

The bruise I got from falling at the gym is literally the size of my hand and so epic and awesome that it is a constant struggle not to just pull down my pants in public and show random strangers

I have been teetering on the edge of depression because Once Upon A Time took a three week hiatus and I'm not ashamed to admit that this weekend's episode ranks a close second on my excitement scale, right behind Alex's birthday party

Well, that was fun! Although now that I think about it, the topic I should most likely discuss is Alexandra's impending birthday. Two! In two days! We finally turned her carseat around and I am so, so happy. We put it right behind the driver's seat and I can see her in my rearview, and reach back while at stop lights to tickle her legs. She's going to be two.

I guess I know what tomorrow's post will be. Once Upon A Time!! In SEVEN DAYS AAAAAHHH!

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