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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking, Part 3

This past weekend we went up to Mt. Lemmon with some dear friends to stay in an awesome cabin for two nights. For those who don't live in Tucson, Mt. Lemmon is our respite and relief from the heat, from the traffic and noise and teenyboppers (hey, I turned 32 on Sunday, I can say teenyboppers now).

At over 8,000 feet, it's also where we desert dwellers get to play in the snow after just an hour long drive. That's precisely why we went up there this go round. Well, to play in the snow, yes, but also to eat and drink a lot in an adorable cabin and maybe, just maybe, play charades and have a dance party. But you didn't hear that from me.

Anyways, I don't have a single solitary photograph from the adventure because I was too busy acting out "Gettysburg" or dancing like a psychotic homeless person to Britney Spears, or floundering around in two feet of snow while trying to position myself in an old kiddy pool so I could sled down a non-existent hill.

Then there was the busy feat of having eight people adapt to only one bathroom or Alexandra discovering the thrill and the peril of going up and down long flights of stairs. And then Love Actually or Muppet Christmas Carol or Princess Bride were inevitably playing at one point or another and also on Saturday the champagne started flowing at noon.

Where was I? Oh, right! No photographs. But I do have something to share which is supported by photographic evidence. See, the day before we left for the trip my mommy-freak-out mode was activated in Target by some suspiciously adorable winter clothes and boots. "I can't let my baby freeze! What kind of mother am I? Who cares if these boots are $22.99 and will not fit her next winter? Oh my God, are you serious, I can get leggings AND a velour hoodie for $10?!?!"

Nevermind that she went outside perhaps three times, two of which were only for thirty seconds as we stood on the balcony, and the other time was to walk to the little mountain village of Summerhaven, which lasted 20 minutes, 12 of which she screamed her head off. I still felt good about those purchases. Especially the boots!

They go up halfway to her knee, are brown leather with cute little flowers on the outer sides. They zip up on the inner side and fit her wonderfully. They're a size up so at least she'll be wearing them a bit longer than her regular size fives. And apparently Alexandra loved them as much as I do, because Sunday night, back at our house, after passing out cold against my body as we watched the news, she found the boots. She put them on herself, correct feet and all, and then she zipped them up herself. I was on the phone with my father and started shrieking in delight and either I hung up out of excitement or he hung up out of fear of sudden deafness.

My baby girl had put her new, still-stiff boots on ALL BY HERSELF!

The proooooof!

They're zipped! Halfway only,but still, ZIPPED!!!

Oh my God look at all that dog hair illuminated by the flash. Just so you know I do vacuum weekly on Wednesdays and since it's Sunday in this picture, and since it's been so rainy and cold and miserable and the dog's been cooped up... Oh whatever.

My baby put boots on all by herself!!!

"I sure did mama. Now let's see if I can turn on the oven, open the front door, throw your phone down the toilet and buy stuff online!"

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