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Saturday, December 3, 2011

En garde!

Sorry this is such a late post! Today has been insane. Anyways.

Alexandra is a nut. We call her Shredder because she speads approximately half of her waking hours single-handedly destroying the house. She's tall for her age and I keep forgetting how her grasping range is gaining new heights, more and more each day.

The other night, she chose a few... interesting household items to accessorize her outfit:

A dog leash, prong collar and all, and a sieve.

I was laughing so hard while taking these, I'm surprised they came out all right. She's like a strange little fencer girl. But you know, with a leash instead of an epee.

Of course, take enough photos of the little Shredder, and she wants to show you her big smile and ham it up:

Come here cutie, and give your water-logged swimming mama a cuddle:

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