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Friday, December 30, 2011


I know, I know, I've posted a lot about Bingley and Patton and they're blossoming bromance. But when moments like this happen, I have no choice but to bring it up all over again:

It makes me so happy, and oddly proud when I see moments like this. Not that I did anything necessarily, except own grown cats when we got Patton as a nine week old puppy. And Bingley was obviously predisposed to like dogs as a baby, since he was fostered in a home that was full of all kinds of critters.

But still. I'm proud. Mostly, I'm proud of Patton, for being sweet to a 1.5lb kitten when he tips the scales at 100lbs (and as a lover of big dogs, I'm strangely proud of his weight too). I think it shows off Patton's intelligence and sensitivity.

For, whether or not you like dogs, everyone should know that German shepherds are not just smart, highly trainable cop dogs that are scary as hell and can make you crap your pants if you're being chased by one (a line from my dear friend Charlotte). They're also insanely emotional, sensitive and loving. They want to be close to you, to fawn all over you, to stick their goddamn faces in your face, to put their slobbery snouts on your sheets to gaze adoringly at you first thing in the morning as you blearily peek out from under the covers. They want to follow you wherever you go. "Oh are you going over here now? Here by the toaster? Wait for me, let me just get my ball."

And as the picture above shows, they're also keenly perceptive of who is considered a family member. This kitten, this crazy ass kitten Bingley who doesn't seem to give a shit about stealing the bed from a 100lb dog (thusly making mama proud), is now a family member, and so Patton not only declines to eat him, but also licks him clean, horses around gently with him, and curls up with him on the sofa.

Now that's a good dog. Except for the whole being on the sofa business.

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