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Friday, December 9, 2011

Origami Mommy

I'm working on a little craft project right now to use as Christmas decorations for a Christmas party we're going to have. They're called origami water bombs! And yes, Todd tested them out, you really can fill them with water and throw them. But just before he was about to lob it at my head Tuesday night as I sat, cozy and content in front of a crackling fire, he came to his senses and threw it into the sink instead. So he is currently still alive and well.

Ahem. Anyways, here is one mini strand I already made, plus some more of the pretty paper:

Here's a close up. I love the paper. Most origami sheets are bright, springy, girlish colors but after digging around in Michael's supplies of the stuff, I found, in true Christmas-miracle style, a package of more muted, sultry, romantic shades:

I'll be doing several of these strands to hang in the window. I was going to do garlands, but I decided for a more contemporary spin on it, and I will just hang them vertically in a staggered fashion, sort of like how icicle lights look. I think I might try to do some origami stars to throw into the mix too.

That's the shortest one by far. I have a longer one but since I'm not even halfway through the 100 sheets, and haven't even gotten to some other patterns, I will more than likely dismantle the already made ones so I can properly mix up the patterns for a more even look. You know, in case you were absolutely burning up with curiosity over the matter.
Anyways, this is how I'm spending my weeknight evenings until Christmas Eve:

Thanks for the help, Rob!

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