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Monday, December 12, 2011

Patton and Bingley.

Look, Patton is an absolute pain in the ass. But we deal with it because Patton, as I've said before on here, is also one of the most intelligent, sensitive, devoted and humorous dogs out there. He is also insanely protective over family, and once we established for him that Bingley was a family member, he understood immediately. Also he remembered the joys of licking a cat's face and butt.

These were taken the night Bingley came to us. I have to say, Bingley surprised me. I figured the kitty would need far more time than the approximate four seconds it took for him to a. instantly warm up to the dog, b. adopt the dog as his mommy, c. try to cozy up to Patton for warmth, fur-bodied and emotional soothing, and d. make Patton feel extremely uncomfortable about these new and crippling  responsibilities.

But in true Patton style, he took it in stride. Sort of. I got a lot of photos, but Patton did a lot of hasty retreats whenever Bing tried to curl up against his belly. 

That last photo is great, it's Bingley desperately trying to curl up under Patton. It's also why it's the last one. If you recall, I said Patton beat it every time the kitty came in for a cuddle. Now, however, they share Patton's bed. I think it helps now that Patton has rediscovered how delicious those litter box treats are.

Anyways. Part of this post is about how lovely baby animals are. Loving, trusting, and, like all of us deep down inside, utterly dependent upon affection, physical touch, that parental caress. And Bingley, instead of being freaked the hell out by an animal who is literally 100 times his weight, seeks him out for love and comfort.

The other part, though, is about how awesome big stinky dogs are. That beast is absolutely a member of our family. But I will say that if you want a dog to love on kitties instead of eat them, then you need to have a puppy raised by cats. Patton was raised by Kittums, Vito and Julius (RIP to them all), and for that, Bingley owes them a big fat thank you.

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