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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Workout Wednesday! Sorry for the format screw-up

Oh wow. This is a tough one! It's easy in the sense that you only need a couple of weights and a small amount of space in your house, but man it knocks you on your butt. I got it out of Women's Health but couldn't find it online, so I took pictures of each exercise. God bless the camera phone!

Do each exercise for a minute, back to back without stopping. After doing all ten moves, rest up to two minutes. Repeat twice for a total of three rounds of hell.


Okay this is really pissing me off, but for some reason Blogger refuses to accept that the photos for moves three and four were landscape and not portrait. They're saved as landscape on my desktop. It uploads as landscape but RIGHT before Blogger saves it, it switches. So screw you right back, Blogger. Anyways, that's why the next two moves below are in different lighting, because I had to re-take them just now. Ugh.

This things destroy me:

These are actually fun once you get the.... swing... of things? BAHAHAHA

Time to lie down right? Yep! And die? NOPE

These are fun too. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but I found if I just stood with my feet spread out like you do for warrior poses in yoga, then I could easily switch from lunge to lunge without having to readjust my stance.

And now the finale!

Except you're not done! Rest for a minute and then do this crap all over again... twice.

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