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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"I want to see the lizard."

That's what Alex said when I told Todd to come check out the blizzard.

Now, let me stop here to say to all people who live in a winter-friendly area: DON'T LAUGH AT ME. This is legit a Tucson style blizzard, OKAY. I have to blog about this because it is historically important.

These pictures don't even really do it justice. I hate how tiny and far away everything looks, and how miniscule the snow flakes look but my God they were like big fluffy cotton balls floating down. Lemme zoom a bit.

Them's are flakes, man!! Then this little guy showed up:

Eat up, my friend!

They were hitting up the nectar buffet all day long, and I'd like to think they were grateful for a meal. If only I had cocoa mugs small enough.

Alex had a blast, too. Unfortunately I was in the middle of cleaning up so by the time we coudl get out there, the snow had stopped falling.

But that didn't stop her from eating some snow...

And grinning about it.

From eating some slush...

And being all, WTF about it!

And doing a little snow stomp here and there. Well if the grass hadn't been dead before, it'd definitely be dead now.

Look at how proud we are of our tiny grass patch with our even tinier snow patch. Go desert dwellers!

But then the coolest thing happened. Later that night...

BOOOOOM more snow! Look, I'm from back east and even though Tennessee is pretty mellow when it comes to winter, I still HAD a winter. Snow did happen. Ice storms were more likely but snow FELL man. so I was running around the back yard like a puppy at chuck wagon time when I realized what was happening.

I look like an axe murderer but THERE IS SNOW IN MY HURRRR

Beautiful blurry hawthorne, covered in snow.

I look like hell here too (yay no makeup) but we have snow on our heads! CALL THE POLICE.

I love love love this photo.

It was such a wonderful surprise. I would like to think that God was listening the night before this all happened, when I mournfully, wistfully told Todd I always thought I'd be raising my kids in Nashville, in grass, in seasonal shifts. So, thanks Lord!

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