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Friday, February 15, 2013

All aboard! WOO WOO

So the other day Alexandra and I squeezed in a trip to the park after my morning of chores and complaining about doing chores. At this particular park, which is also next door to a zoo, there is a little choo choo train (and no, you cannot just say little train, you have to say little choo choo train because it is just that cute), and Alex loves to watch it, hear the bell ding, and above all else, here it go woo woo. I sound like a moron in this post already. Oh and can I just say that I gave up cussing for Lent and that is just such a blow to my blog writing skills because COME ON I LOVE TO SWEAR.

Anyways, this particular sunny afternoon, I had brought with me the four dollars required to purchase two tickets on the choo choo train and that is precisely what we did. We picked the red caboose because seriously, that is the place for cool people. We got to ride from the zoo entrance, across the street and around the duck pond with a pretty fountain in the middle. We saw a ton of pigeons and ducks, and had a grand old time.

Just look at how happy she was, my lovely little munchkin:

She's got my eyes for sure, and I just hope she's got my eyebrows because I don't have to pluck, YES I SAID IT AND IT'S ALL TRUE

She's probably wondering why her stupid annoying mother has to keep photo bombing her. Is that still a thing? Or are we over it?

I love that little face. It kills me, almost as much as not cussing is killing me now!

This photo shows how Alex decided to cross her legs the moment after I crossed mine. And it makes my heart do the Grinch thing where his heart grows three sizes too big and breaks the little gold frame around it. I actually wanted to get that image tattooed somewhere because it was such a great representation of how my marriage and motherhood has felt, and how happy my husband and child make me.

There, there is your sap crap for the day. I bet you miss all those F bombs right about now!

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