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Monday, February 4, 2013

Because smoothie, that's why!

Something I've noticed about going mostly grain free (fixing to have quinoa sweet potato cakes tonight, bitches!) is that I'm just not as OMG DEATH HUNGER throughout the day but mostly in the mornings. Ask Todd. All throughout our courtship and the first years of our marriage, he was woken up by my going "I'M HUNGRY. I WANT BREAKFAST. NOW"  Lately though, on the weekends I will often go until lunch before eating. I know I know, breakfast is the most important meal, but I'm not eating if I'm not hungry.

Saturday was no exception, and after starting the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, wrangling the toddler and showering and dressing, I realized I needed to bring a meal with me on the three hours' worth of errands that awaited us. So I threw together a smoothie, one I've discussed on here before. Alexandra was like GIVE ME IT so I poured a goodly amount in her cup and off we went.

Dudes, that smoothie is so good that in no time, from the backseat of the 4runner, I was hearing that swan song of desperate straw-sucking, the same sound that the dental assistant's spit sucker makes. She kept going MORE and I had to keep reaching back there at stoplights to adjust the straw and tilt the cup so she could maximize her results. Eventually I said fuck it, hopefully not out loud, and took the lid and straw out and told her to essentially go to town.

And boy did she ever!

This is from the Costco parking lot. Not only was I surpried that her Aurora doll still had her clothes on, but I was also surprised by how much smoothie got on her face. I must say, girly-pop gets her eating habits from her mom's side. We'll just call it gusto.

I like how she's all "Bitch, stop putting unflattering pictures of me on the internet" and I am like SUCK IT UP SISTER YOU ARE ADORABLE

"Really, mom? Really? Is this like so super happening to me right now? I am going to give you HELL when I turn 15. Hope you like older dudes with facial tattoos!"

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