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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Bug Queen!

Two Christmasses ago, I got Alexandra these B. Bugs that connect together. She was about six months or so at that time so they were basically baby chew toys for awhile and then she got bored, and I tossed them in her toy trunk and there they stayed for the longest time. I don't think she was crawling then so she wasn't really exploring stuff in that way, either. I can't remember.

Wow. Parent of the year! I have a video that Todd took of her first crawl, but I forget the time stamp on it. Thank God for technology! Thank God for blogs! I never have to print another photo of her, I'll just pull up my blog and scroll through the Oh Baby tag. I guess I should probably go print some pictures. Grandparents everywhere just took a collective gasp of shock and outrage. "I want photos in my hand!"

Anyways, for some reason, these bugs have come back into her favor. She's strong enough and possessive of enough finesse to actually get the little knobs into the holes in order to make a bug chain, and then the other day, after I had done it once for her (I posted that picture), she figured out how to make herself a crown. Enter, the Bug Queen.

Let's not forget that her very first nickname as a tiny little glow worm newborn was Bug.

Which morphed into Buglette. Which is really rather cute.

And then because the inevitability of evolution, another nickname that has cropped up is Bug Butt.

Don't you side-eye ME, young lady! You're the one who tantrums when I open the door before you can!

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