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Friday, November 16, 2012

My Favorite Tumblrs.

For the longest time, Tumblr was as mysterious as Pinterest came to be for me. I was like, so it's like Live Journal? But it's mostly pictures? And gifs and stuff? I don't get it, I see plenty of gifs and pictures in the posts and comments on Oh No They Didn't. But eventually I found some really hysterical tumblrs and I figured I'd share them.

Suri's Burn Book

This is all fictional snarking from the point of view of adorable Suri Cruise, who uses the blog to bash the fashion choices and mishaps of fellow celebrity children. While it might seem cruel since it's a grown woman who writes the blog, imagining the ever-stylish Suri Cruise saying that baby Harper Beckham has "let herself go" is undoubtedly hilarious.

Robert Pattinson Says Stuff Sometimes

So, Robert Pattinson, that guy from Twilight. He's just as painfully aware of how the Twilight franchise is absolute utter bullshit and how insane/slightly disgusting Stephenie Meyer is for imagining c-sections-by-teeth, grown men falling in love with newborn babies, etc. And the best part is that I know this because of all the stuff he says without a care in the world for how it might piss other people off. For that brutal honesty to come out of a world of professional liars and self-serving silences, I applaud him.

Fuck Yes Once Upon A Time

Surely you must know why I frequent this site. It's all about my super favorite show (aside from Doc Martin) and is a great source of gorgeous gif collections, links to spoilers and articles, photos and interviews with the cast. They have humorous spins on the show, serious fan tributes, and everything inbetween. A must have for people who like immersing themselves in a favorite television show, and for people who know how fucking hot Captain Hook is.

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