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Monday, November 19, 2012

iFinally got an iPhone 5

Can you tell? Notice any... startling differences in this photo and, say, this one?

Yeah, me neither.

Anyways, I am officially in love with this phone. I can't compare it to other smart phones, as this is the first I've ever owned, but I can tell you that I love it and I never never ever never want to be without it. Already this weekend I've used it in somewhat crucial ways. 

Yesterday, on our way to a birthday party, I was able to go through my old emails, find the electronic invitation, open it up, find the address and then Google map it to get directions, all while in the car, less than five minutes away from the destination.

Later that afternoon, after thinking I'd dropped a stitch (Kendra recently taught me how to knit), I was able to text an extremely vivid and close up photo of the knitting to Kendra, who in turn texted me a link to and then reassured me that I hadn't dropped a stitch at all, I had just neglected to finish off my purl row and only needed to turn it around, complete the purl and boom, done. Crisis averted.

And those two instances don't even include all the fucking fun I've had on the phone. I downloaded a free Draw app so Alexandra can play with it, I got Siri to call me Pups, I started three Draw Something games and Todd and I kicked some small ass with Angry Birds last night.

And did I mention the photography skills?! This blog is moving on up in the world, man.

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