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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Several days ago, we were hanging out in the backyard in the late afternoon, after a storm, enjoying the cooler, breezier weather. We looked to the east, and were blown away by how the setting sun, sifted through the clouds, made the trees glow.

It was unbelievably vivid.

These trees over our roof seemed particularly lit from within.

Cyprus on fire! If you're curious, we got that satellite at Coscto.

Palm, stuck in the web of urban living...

Ooh, a glimpse of a pantless fairy child. The camera was shaking, I was so excited!

"Hey, girl. Don't mind me, I'm just picking all the buds off your Texas ranger."

And then, as if inspired by my little angel girl, the sky let loose this bad boy.

It was a lot brighter on this side.

AND THEN. If you can believe it, a very faded double rainbow showed up above the bright one. You can baaaaarely see it here.

A liiiiittle better here...

And even better here. Look at this beautiful sky!!

This picture makes me want to pretend that the rainbow is the outline of a huge planet that is super close to us, sort of like that picture floating around the web, photoshopped to show what it would look like if Jupiter were as close to us as the moon.

The view to the west was just as glorious, but in a completely different way. It was so dramatic.

Aren't those rays called God's fingers? In moments like this you can totally understand why.

A beautiful finale on an early summer Sunday evening.

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