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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch.

Saturday is my chore day. Like Wednesday, it is also a laundry day, but Saturdays are more defined by grocery shopping. Target, Trader Joe's, Fry's. Once a month, Costco is added into the mix and by the end of THAT kind of day I'm curled up in the fetal position watching True Blood or Jane Eyre on my computer while Alex naps. Actually most days you can find me like that (tonight I will be on Oh No They Didn't reading all the party posts about Katie Holmes telling Tom Cruise to suck it).

Anyways, it's typically All Business on Saturdays.  Get it all over with, get out of the heat, get the groceries into the refrigerator. Oh God I'm getting exhausted just thinking about lugging groceries in from the hot car. I need caffeine. So, yeah, business as usual this past Saturday, except by the time we got to Trader Joe's I was ravenous, it was 1pm, and Alex hadn't eaten lunch. Granted, her breakfast was enormous and late in the day (SHE SLEPT TIL TEN AM Y'ALL), but I knew my tiger girl had to be at least a little peckish.

I was going to grab a sandwich in Trader Joe's and split it with Alex in the car after we shopped but then I saw the Chipotle right next door. And I said screw it, Alex and I are going to dine IN. Not in the car but in an actual establishment. So I ordered up a burrito bowl and we sat together eating. Well, I sat and Alex stood on the bench and danced to the latin music that was playing. But it was wonderful, a mommy daughter date that I realize will one day be such a rarity and will one day be full of "God mom you suck" and "I HATE YOU I WANT TO DATE BOYS AND DRINK LIQUOR."

Typically Todd and I don't really take her out to eat because hello, kids are a pain in the ass in any sort of place that isn't home or the children's museum or the park. Actually they kind of suck there, too, but it's sort of the point to be a pain in the ass at the park. But lately we've noticed Alex is doing really well! I guess her attention span is getting longer. We even went out for sushi Friday night and were there an hour and a half and she did great the whole time, although if there hadn't been a TV then I might be writing a completely different post right now.

So, I'm just glad Alex and I had that little pocket of a moment, a little wedge of calm and togetherness in the midst of all that shopping and responsibility, necessity and annoyance. Last Thursday we hit the splash pad and then sat in Magpie's (not recommended, it was hotter inside than out) and had a couple slices of pizza. I think I will try to accomplish this sort of thing more often. Little mommy daughter dates. Time just for us girls.

 But one thing that I will say, is that Chipotle sucks for not having a changing table.

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