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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Putting on mom's socks and shoes? What, like it's hard? Please. "What do you take me for, you guys, an 18 month old?"

We taught her to say Like a Boss, and she can perfectly imitate the way Andy Samberg says it in the Saturday Night Live skit. Bowss. Perfection.

She also says "Independent Women" with particular flair, and while I know it's just because she gets such a great reaction out of the adults, I like to think she says it because she means it. Same with how she says "Girl Power!" I just know her inner suffragette is just like, so empowered.  Now if she'd just help me with the damn laundry...

Here's a testament to how much she ardently admires and loves Elmo: the other day she opened up our media stand/Mexican buffet, got out an Elmo DVD case, opened it, plucked out the DVD, pushed the eject button on the DVD player, put the DVD in and closed the tray, grabbed the black remote control and went to sit on the sofa. As Todd put it, "If you can figure this out, I think you deserve to watch it again."

That's a picture of Alex, trying to put my little shrug sweater on. She shoved her head through the sleeve, instead. This picture is titled Sleeve. She was really ticked off about getting it wrong, until I started taking photos of her. Then, she started grinning and posing.

The other day on a dog walk, she read off the letters and numbers on license plates, mail boxes, and delivery doors on the rear sides of businesses. She never messed up. What's crazy is when she reads the letters, in order, of a particular word. I keep waiting for her to say the word after she spells it, like how it goes in a spelling bee. Like with my workout shirt. "P-L-A-T-I-N-U-M. Platinum."

She likes dressing herself and her dolls. We found her little black Halloween cat -- named Dee, because when she first started talking, cats were Dee-dees  (AKA Kitties) and so he is thusly dubbed Dee -- in one of her nightshirts. And he was in her crib. Because not only does she know which drawer holds her nightgowns and jammies, she also understands that after you get your jammies on, you go to bed. Like a boss.

Her shirt right there says Future Super Role Model. I personally think she could achieve both. Especially when that is her "Smile!" face. Tyra Banks and Smizing can just move the hell on over.

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