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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Workout!

Lets do this!

30 Pushups
30 Mountain Climbers
30 Leg Lifts on Back. Lie on your back, legs stretched out with ankles crossed. Engage your core and lift legs as one til they are perpendicular to the floor. Then, using momentum, rise up completely on your shoulders, legs still straight, as if you wanted to touch the ceiling/sky with your toes. Lower back onto your back, then lower legs to the floor. Repeat.
30 Bouncing Lunges. Lunge with right leg forward. Jump up, switch feet so left leg is forward, and after landing, lunge down. 30 total, 15 each side.
30 Curls and Halos. This is easiest with a kettlebell. Take a 15lb weight or more with both hands, holding it in front of your body, arms down. Lift up to your chest, then up above your head, circling your head (like a halo! hurrr) and returning to center. Lower back down, and repeat.
60 Punches w/Weights. It might seem noble to use a heavy weight, but you'll tire out and ruin your form. I did mine today with a 7lb weight in each hand. When you punch, extend the arm fully, but don't do the sideways gangster-gunshot punch, because that will hurt your shoulder. Keep knuckle lines parallel to the ground. Oh, and yes, that says 60.
30 Dips. Sit in a chair, hands gripping the sides of the chair. Straighten your arms, lifting your butt out of the chair, and slide body forward. Dip down, lowering your butt to the ground, and lift up. Do not return butt to chair.
30 Seconds' Single Leg Plank, each side. Have fun! No breaks between sides, either. Once your stopwatch hits 30, switch legs.
30 Kicks Out of Horse Stance. Lower into horse stance and without rising completely up out of it, kick out and to the side with the right, then the left leg. 30 total, 15 each side.

Enjoy and get stronger!

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