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Monday, February 13, 2012

Things I'm Into Right Now.

After Saturday's serious post, and to keep my mind off more serious things like Whitney Houston passing away or that deer we hit and killed last night on our way home from the Ren Fair, I figured I'd keep today's post light and full of likeable things.

How I Met Your Mother

Oh my God, Todd and I are so obsessed with this show right now. We're watching three episodes at a time on Netflix, we're watching the reruns on KTTU, we're talking about how funny this damn show is. I won't bore you with a summary of the show's plot because it's been on for like six years already. All this means to me, really, is that we have six years' worth of shows to watch before we're all caught up and we have to add another gem to our list of Must Watch Weekly shows.

Kroger Brand Black Cherry Greek Yogurt

Ignore the fact that this photo is of their plain yogurt (only one I could find), because there is nothing more delicious and more reasonably priced than this brand and flavor of yogurt. Unlike Kroger's strawberry flavor, there are some legitimate slices of cherries in this bad boy. I typically have a smoothie for breakfast but since discovering delicious Black Cherry, I've opted to just eat it by itself. No reason to dress it up!

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Sultry

I know there are tons of better lipsticks out there, higher quality, better formulas, blah blah blah. But I am genuinely surprised with this shade. I already have a couple of dark shades and, with an antsy toddler in my cart, I didn't have a lot of time to pore over the numerous more muted shades. And the color shown above doesn't look very pale does it? But it's a great daytime shade and I'm really happy I found it.


This is actually more for Todd's benefit than mine, but I do love me some sriracha hot sauce. Todd, however, puts it on everything. Eggs, sandwiches, and it's even pushed out Tapatio for his quesadillas. And you know what? It tastes really freaking good on quesadillas. My brother in law Scott, upon first acquainting himself with the stuff, literally drizzled enough on his casserole dish to make it look like it was strawberry icing, and while it certainly gave him a spicy kick to the teeth, he fell so in love with it that, as my sister in law Amery puts it, "We have two bottles in the house at all times: the one in use, and the unopened one waiting for him."


Ok, this site is hilarious. Dedicated to the lamest and/or most amazing facebook statuses, pictures, and comments out there, it's really a show case of how witty and how utterly idiotic we are. From typos to photo bombs, puns and FB conversations between an accused rapist and the sheriff's department, this site is guaranteed to keep you utterly entertained.

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