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Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm restless right now. Even though we've experienced a dip in temperature (for any non-Tucsonans reading this, that means instead of being in the 70s it's like in the 60s), I think I know the culprit. The culprit is a frequent offender.

It's Spring Fever. And it makes me feel restless and silly. Sort of silly like this:

Despite the fact that I'm no longer in school, Spring Fever is still overwhelmingly powerful enough to make me dope off at the slightest of every day tasks, be they work related, home related, chore related, you name it. Except of course Alexandra related, because as the shirt in the photo explains, she is sweet, too sweet to neglect, even while the pollen-stained, feather-light fingers of Spring Fever tickle and tease and try to pry me away to go lay around in the grass in some sun-dappled park while wearing a long gauzy skirt and hand crafted jewelry. I'm sure there's a band playing Satie's Gymnopedies too, but with um, the sound of wind chimes in there too.

Now I want to buy some more wind chimes.

It's times like this that make me think of impossible, whimsical projects, like planting a tree in the back yard and calling it Alexandra's Fairy Tree, and hanging lights, wind chimes, brightly colored ribbons and little fairy figurines into it. But then the soft-focus lens comes off and I realize that it's going to end up looking like a scrubby desert tree with a bunch of garbage and worthless shit tied to it.

Or I want to get a bookcase from some yard sale, something inexpensive, and I will sand it and paint it in three different colors of paint, one coat on top of another, and then I will lightly sand it in some places to look like a funky boho art piece and I will throw out Todd's ugly filing cabinet, get baskets for his files and put that in place of the ugly filing cabinet and the almost-broken wine cooler that sit side by side in our den.  Then I realize that I will never get up early enough for yard sale and it would just be cheap ass press board anyways and besides, between Alexandra and the kitten, those files would stay in those baskets for approximately 90 seconds.

So I guess I'll just sit here fantasizing about the gorgeous exotic plants I will one day put on the back patio, festooned with trinkets and tiny strands of fairy lights, until a hard freeze kills them because we never remember to cover our plants and/or take them inside.

I wish I had some more wind chimes.

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