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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead

Wow, a review on a show that isn't super old! Well, I did review Once Upon A Time, but my media reviews are typically reserved for movies that have been on my Netflix queue for a month, premiered over a year ago and aren't even in theatres anymore. But as far as I know The Walking Dead is in its second season and has been greenlighted for a third. We're currently using Netflix streaming to check out the first season.

Anyways, this show. THIS. SHOW. Several of our friends have told us to watch this, the majority of them telling us this while camping this past weekend. So since I had yesterday off from work (thanks to our presidents), Sunday night we stayed up a bit later than usual to watch the first episode. Well, color me addicted (despite what happened to the horse in the promo picture above).

Obviously this show is about zombies and is pretty graphic. However, I am a sunshine and unicorn kind of person (despite loving True Blood, vampires in general, ghost stories, Tommy Lee Jones and psychological thrillers) so if you too are a rainbows and puppies kind of person, don't hold off on watching this show. True, the zombies are absolutely gory, creepy and in various stages of decay, but the story line is intense and gripping. It was hard to turn off episode three last night but it was already 11:40pm, Todd had yet to shower, and I had to scramble to find another Jane Austen book so I wouldn't dream about zombies (it didn't work).

So aside from the zombie aspect, it revolves around protagonist Sheriff Rick Grimes (or as he tells one racist asshole, "Offier Friendly" while his gun was aimed at the dude's head), who thanks to a gunshot wound during a police altercation, is left in a coma in the hospital. Much like in 28 Days Later, he wakes up, completely bewildered as to what on Earth is happening. Eventually he finds other survivors but he keeps moving on because he's got a wife and son out there somewhere, hopefully in a non-zombie state.

It seems simple and straightforward but I tell you, it grabs you right off the bat. There is no moment where I think about checking my 128759 Words With Games boards, or consider touching up the nail polish on my toes, or wish I could turn off Netflix to browse Oh No They Didn't for celebrity gossip. Oh, no. When this show is on, this show has you by the short and curlies.

We're only 2.5 episodes in, but we're absolutely hooked. I'm sleep deprived but excited to watch more episodes tonight, and even though I literally dreamed of zombies all night last night, I'm neither disturbed nor dissuaded from watching more right before bed tonight. Which better happen.

Grade: A+++

Hahaha, I can't believe I said short and curlies.

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