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Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonderful Week

This week has just been lovely. I feel like it was a great, solid week full of fulfillment and achievement and nowhere did Alexandra slap my face away when I tried to give her a kiss, so that was swell.

But seriously, I managed a dog walk everyday, I managed a workout everyday, I WORKED ON MY STORY, I bought a Crate & Barrel serving dish for $7 at a thrift store (and a green wood chair for Alex - $3, a 14 piece punch bowl set for $20 and an adorable bright orange mini pitcher/vase for $2), Alex and I had fun riding the choo choo train again, the house got cleaned, I folded and put away the laundry the same day I did it and Alexandra was absolutely in love with me which damn, just feels so good.

Oh, and I never mentioned here that I am queen of storytime again! For the first year or longer I was the go-to reader for book time before night night. Then BOOM Todd was the shining star in an otherwise bleak night sky, and basically for the year after that, I was ousted, left alone to sit on the floor with my back against her changing table dresser. NOT ANYMORE, BABY! I'm back, and it feels great.

Anyways, everything just seemed nice this week. Things got done, love got spread, joy was experienced, and things just felt a little more... orderly. Except last night when halfway through dinner prep, RIGHT before I was going to draw Alex's tub, I realized I was out of the key ingredient of my sauce. So off to the store we went. BUT Alex was so cute and fun and helped me carry the basket so who cares right?

This morning was nice too. I mean, I still hit snooze as many times as possible, but then Bingley came to purr on me, and then Alex woke up which I always secretly love cause I get to see her before I leave. Todd brought her into bed for snuggles. And then, in true Bingley fashion, this happened:

God, he always looks so surly, like he's half a beer away from punching my lights out. Anyways, folks, that's his sweet look, and that is what I see every workday morning. He perches on my jewelry box and basically watches me get ready in the morning. He even let me pet him after I was done. Like, what is this rose colored world I've been dropped into?

I got dressed, kissed Alex and Todd and got ready to ride my bike to work when the best sentence ever came, dressed in a toddler shriek, from the bedroom: I WANT ONE MORE KISS!

Yes ma'am!

Happy weekend to everyone!

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