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Friday, March 22, 2013

Crafty Little Hands.

Yesterday I was just like BLAH BLAH BLAH and didn't want to do much of anything. I had had a long Wednesday of chores and running around, and then that night we stayed up late because I was all like WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BLADE RUNNER like I'm cool and then I spent the next hour or more going "God I don't remember any of this" like a moron except for the part where Sean Young is smoking like a chimney. I remembered that. Oh, and Daryl Hannah's "makeup".

Anyways, I knew that because of my fatigue I wasn't up for following Alex around the Childen's Museum, or the park, or pushing her around the zoo, so I figured, what, we'd make cookies? Do crafts? And then I was like, hey. Hey Alex! Want to get some beads with mommy and make a necklace? And then the atom bomb of adorable toddler enthusiasm went off, and my eyebrows will take weeks to grow back.

So off we went to Hobby Lobby on its second day of being open and it was appropriately chaotic. But also huuuge. So despite my blah energy level, we wandered around for at least 20 minutes. I got her beads, some stuff for me to make for Alex's birthday and for Easter, and then we headed home.

Well, by golly, that girl can craft. I wasn't sure if it would be too advanced, or too boring, since she's not yet three but then, at the same time, is incredibly intelligent and advanced for her age (look, I'm not just saying that, the doc was blown away that she knows all of her colors -- we're working on metallics). So I wasn't sure. But man, she took to that like a fish to water.



And would you just look at that adorable, wonderful little necklace she made? ALL BY HERSELF?! I wrapped the end of a piece of kitchen string with tape, sort of like the end of a shoelace, and showed her like, three or four times and then she's all "Woman, I got this, your pasta water is boiling." Oh yes, we had rice pasta for lunch yesterday and it was like angels came to visit me in my kitchen. Not really, or else those angels would have taken pity on me and completely rennovated that sucker.

Anyways, if you think that up there is a look of satisfaction, you're only partway there.

Because THAT right there, is a look of satisfaction.

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