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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This One's For the Birds.

I'm sick as a dog. I don't even have the energy to swear. I'm lying in bed while Todd takes care of Alexandra who is currently watching Tangled for, oh, perhaps the 20th time, have of those times being on consecutive days. But I digress.

My face and neck are so swollen and in such pain I don't believe they even belong to me. Hey, swollen asshole, come get your face back. Hey, I cussed! I'm on the mend.

So like I said I am lying here in misery, but I'm also somewhat entertained between the countless nose-blowing and hacking, all thanks to this cool Finch Feeder Station I bought at Petsmart which is such an expensive stupid store. I found thistle seed for cheaper at a goddamn grocery store. I almost typed grocery station. I must be delirious.

There are currently SIX birds chilling out on this thing. They aren't golden finches but the first bird who visited this morning was a golden finch. There are several birds who are brown but with a warm pinkish red flush on their breasts which are so cute. I feel like Snow White. Hey, maybe she's the asshole who left her swollen angry face on my face.

Anyways, for any bird lovers out there, this thing is pretty cool. I have just recently gotten into bird feeding. My most successful foray is probably the hummingbird feeder I got, but this Finch Station is definitely giving it a run for its money. I just want more golden finches. There's this guy three blocks away who gets tons of them, and my goal is to steal all of his.

1 comment:

  1. first time i read the box i thought it said, "Attacks Flocks of Finches!" oh how one little letter makes all the difference here