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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Damn. Today Was A Good Day.

You know, sometimes a day happens and you hope every day can work out as perfectly. I didn't win a million dollars or get a full eight hours at the spa, but it was just lovely. Todd got up early to work on business stuff while Alex and I slept in til 9am. Yeah you read that right!

She got up, we got ready for swim school and off we went. My mom and stepdad (a.k.a The Nonie and The Barrie respectively) and Alex got to swim. She's definitely behind because the other kids are older and are advancing very quickly, but for the first time Alex really conquered her fears about the monkey walk, which is holding on to the edge of the pool and using her hands to "walk" down a short length of it. THEN she did the monkey climb, which is climbing all by herself out of the pool. Today was the first time she did it without a bottom boost from the teacher.

Afterwards we went home, had some food and Alex got to watch Sleeping Beauty ("Wanna watch.. Aurora???" "Sure thing, Bug!") While she watched, I cleaned the house. Hurrah! House is cleaned up by 12pm? What a boon! So that left all the time before nap for some playtime with Alex. We practiced kicking, monkey climbs and dives. Dives were sitting on the edge of the bed and "diving" (a.k.a. slowly falling) into a pile of pillows. We threw her ball, jumped around like bouncing balls, and generally ran around the house destroying all the cleaning I had done.

Alex napped, I screwed around on the internet while Todd worked on a backyard project, and then I went on my first 12 mile bike ride in months with NO KNEE PAIN. I did have some trouble mid-ride when the valve worked loose from my rear tire's tube but I jogged that bike to Performance Bicycle, got it replaced and went on my way downtown. I did give myself a gnarly bike pedal check to my left heel which resulted in blood loss but I kept on and had one hell of a workout.

I came home, cleaned up and showered up while Alex "helped" Todd finish his backyard project. Then we had a delicious steak dinner that was completely devoured and cleaned up by Alex's bath. BUT BEFORE her bath, Todd invented the Pick Up game which is having Alexandra look all around the house for her toys. Like an Easter Egg hunt but with 100% of benefits and profits going to me, the hard work I put in cleaning the house, and my back thanks to no stooping to pick up approximately 2785748 of her toys. While her tub time was right on schedule, her bedtime was rather late since we let her horse around and play in the water. But then Alex went right down after Todd brushed her hair while Alex brushed mine and while we traded turns singing the hair brushing spell from Tangled.

And now, here we are. Todd and I are tired but contentedly so. We're about to watch an episode of Boardwalk Empire and after that I'm going to read in bed while giving my jaw hot compresses because did I forget to mention, my jaw is almost completely back to normal?!

Needless to say, I hope and pray next Wednesday works out so seamlessly. There is nothing quite like getting good quality:

1. Time with my baby
2. Educational swim time
3. Housework finished
4. Workouts accomplished
5. Dinner consumed
6. All around good family time.

Thank you, September 19th. You have done your duty.

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