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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cheese Stands Alone.

I swear, I'm the only person woman on the planet who doesn't absolutely love Pinterest. I just don't fucking get it. Like, I got started and it seemed fun, there are so many pretty things on there. But it seems designed to keep you there on the Pinterest site. Yes, I know about the Pin It button and that I can pin stuff while looking around the internet, but... I don't know. I screw around on the internet to read Oh No They Didn't, check out recaps and the forums on Television Without Pity and play Words with Friends. I can't really re-pin that sort of stuff.

I loved some of the recipes I saw on there though and I'd like to check them out again so maybe I'll go back and discover the magical spell of Pinterest. I'm starting to wonder though if this is a sign of mental retardation or something though. Almost all my girlfriends are on it and obsessed with it and whenever they explain it to me, I'm like "I don't get it" or "That sounds like a microcosm of the internet" or "Isn't that like bookmarks in Google Chrome?" Maybe it's just prettier? I don't know. I don't know because I DON'T GET IT.

And part of it feels like a big race to get your things pinned and re-pinned, like there's a pressure to get followers or to have your stuff pinned. Because the more you pin, the more often you show up on the main page. Me, I am lost in obscurity down in Pinterest's nether regions. It's not even the last thing I think about, pinning stuff I find online, because I literally don't even think about it. I messed around with it one evening, and Todd was like "OOOOH so it begins, the infamous Pinterest" but after the weekend was over, so was my dalliance with it.

Even the ladies who write the blogs I love are going on about Pinterest. Even Heather Armstrong of Dooce got into it which, since I am a huge fan of hers, sort of stung. I really felt alone and stupid after that.

Oh well. I mean if this isn't the epitome of a first world problem, then maybe I'll have to complain about how I smudged my otherwise perfect home pedicure even though I waited like THIRTY MINUTES for that shit to dry. It's a wonder I can even get out of bed in the mornings, with these sorts of crippling setbacks.

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