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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perfect Gimlet.

Now let me preface that by saying I do enjoy tartness, in both my flavors and my women. My bestie, Kendra, also adores a good tart smack to her cocktails and so she agrees with me that my recipe is stellar.

Vodka Gimlet

2oz vodka (I assume - a serving of liquor typically requires a four count, so for martinis I count eight)
1 tbsp Rosa's Lime
Juice from half one lime
Juice from half one lemon
Lime twist

Pour all that shit except the twist over ice and shake it well. Here's the thing though, for martinis and other stiff drinks, it's best to keep your liquor out of the freezer so that the warm liquor will melt some of the ice. If you use freezer vodka or gin then the drink will be too strong and you will be on your ass before you know it. The thing to freeze is a martini glass to help keep your drink cold.

So after you shake it up, pour it in your frosty glass, pop in your twist, and voila! Deliciousness to the max. I had one last night actually! So bottom's up y'all.

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