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Friday, October 5, 2012


1. Bingley got into a fight with some creature on Monday. His right hind leg was jacked up, there were cuts all over his mouth and a slice in the delicate part of his right ear. He was filthy, covered in oil spots from, most likely, hunkering down under a car all night which leads me to believe that it was not another cat he was fighting, but something much larger that wasn't able to follow him under there.

He refused to eat or drink anything, despite our encouragements, for like two days. He kept trying to pee though, which made us think maybe his bladder had been bruised in the assault. Finally I got Alex's medicine dropper thing and used it to dose the goddamn cat with water, which seemed to really help. And considering that the poor bastard just laid there in my arms, lapping as the water squirted into his mouth, I think he really needed it.

By Thursday there was no improvement on the pee front, so I took him to the vet. 90 minutes and $120 bucks later, we had a cat with a bunch of fluids injected under his skin and two types of drugs to give him. And he only hissed at me and swatted me like once! Wow, what a grateful little motherfucker. I bought him some canned wet food to help increase his hydration and triumphantly fought all my urges to wring his neck and take him to small claims court.

2. After two years of living in this house we finally finished painting it. Todd wrapped up the hallway on Sunday, removing the huge and broken down doorbell box from above the thermostat (and even patching up over the small tangle of wires that were protruding from just beside the front door knob outside the house), and patching up the hole where he had ripped out the hall light from the ceiling after smacking his head into it one too many times (he's 6'7"). It looks a lot better, so much so that we have to wonder why we waited so long. I guess after living with crap for a period of time renders you sort of numb to the unsightliness. Now if I could just get him to gut the kitchen and bathroom...

3. Tuesday night we ordered Chinese food from our favorite place, which also delivers, Szechuan Omei. I finally got something different and MY GOD I am so glad I did: Singapore mei fun. I googled it to figure out what it was to make sure I'd like it (hey white girl) and was surprised to find that it is a very standard basic thing that all American Chinese chefs have to master, much like fried rice. I got it and it was SO delicious, very straightforward in flavors but absolutely tantalizing. It had a smoky sort of BBQ flavor. It consists of super thin, angel-hair style noodles (I think made of rice), scallions, bits of what looked like BBQ pork, some shrimp, bean sprouts and I believe curry. SO GOOD. I want to get it again. Like right now. For second breakfast (I am a hobbit).

4. I'm becoming re-hooked to BBC shows, mostly due to my now ravenous hunger to live in the UK or at the very least somewhere in the US that has grass, cold weather and a legitimate fall weather wardrobe that includes sweaters instead of shorts and flip flops. It's starting to drive me crazy. I've had a yen to move out of Tucson for awhile, but it really set in around May, before summer even began, because I was so fucking sick of being hot all the goddamn time. I want grass for my child to run in, I want to accessorize with layers and shoes and socks, I want to let the dog out in the afternoon without fear he'll die of heat stroke. I wear flip flops because I cannot STAND IT when my feet get hot and my feet are always hot here. My own body is telling me to GTFO. But our families are here, and a ton of our friends and loved ones. I guess I need to convince everyone to move to Scotland.

5. I buckled and re-signed up with the YMCA in anticipation of my Platinum Fitness membership expiring next month. The only thing I'll miss is the cardio theatre room, and since they offer memberships for 9.95 a month, no contracts required, I'm also seriously considering just signing up with Platinum and having two memberships. I mean, while signed up at Platinum I was starting to buckle and pay the $10 day pass to the YMCA just so I could swim in their 25 yard pool because it is truly a superior workout to a measly 15 yard pool. So if I was willing to pay ten bucks for a one shot, why not pay ten bucks for the chance to do the elliptical while watching a movie a couple of times a week? Is having two gym memberships even a thing? Is that crazy? I'm worth it for sure, but... Ehh. I will petition the YMCA to get a cardio theatre?

6. Once Upon A Time is back on and I'm going batshit crazy for its epic awesomeness. WHO IS DR. WHALE. Who is the Mystery Man in the opening scene? Is he Henry's dad? Is he Baelfare, Rumpelstiltskin's son? BOTH? Or is he Peter Pan or the White Rabbit? Will Philip be brought back to life? Will he bone Aurora AND Mulan? Who gave Mulan a bump-it for her hair and how does she do that hairstyle in the woods? Does Aurora help? WHO IS DR. WHALE??

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