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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Signs We're Growing Old

1. Before Alexandra was born and we could use parenthood as the excuse for the rapid descent into decrepitness (yes it is too a word), Todd was brushing his teeth and he pulled a muscle in his back.

2. In yoga the other day I let out this mortifyingly loud groan of anguish doing a relatively simple switch from side plank back into downward dog. The entire class laughed.

3. Initially excited that we stayed up til 2am this past Saturday to party down with our dear friends, The Sprinkles at their annual weenie roast, we quickly changed our tune Sunday morning and vowed never, ever again. Even though we slept in. Even though Alex was with her grandparents.

4. Crawling into bed before 10pm feels exciting. Exhilerating. A little sinful.

5. Our new favorite game seems to be Whose Body Parts Are Falling Apart The Fastest, with my tendon issues and Todd's ankle usually tying for first place, but always and eternally chased by my popping knees, Todd's crackling knees, his hip, my ankles, Todd's back, my back, and all my arm acne. Wait, this isn't the spot for that last one.

6. Retirement is the next big stage in life I'm really looking forward to. Not that I don't want to see Alex grow up and meet our future unborn children and watch THEM grow up but something about sleeping in, eating for a living and sleeping in just seems so... freaking amazing.

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