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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


When Todd and I moved from our big barn of a downtown house to our little family centrally located house, we got an upgrade in backyards. Now, Todd put a ton of work in that downtown backyard but it was like a postage stamp it was so tiny. Our current backyard was big enough for a grassy patch, several trees, a kung fu pit (don't ask) and there was, already there with a little fence around it, a perfect patch for a garden. In fact it just screamed vegetable garden at me when I walked out there. Well it was more of a Field of Dreams whisper but you know what I mean. Anyways, we wasted no time in setting it up, and right now it's positively lush. The tomato plants are nearly chest high on my Eiffel Tower of a husband, the herbs are doing wonderfully and the basil is almost bullying the rest of them it's become so robust. Our eggplant, bell pepper and hot pepper plants are also hearty and although the noonday sun wilts them without a second blast of water, honestly most Tucsonans are the same way. 

The tomatoes have been ripening and coming off the plants like crazy for over a month but we really haven't harvested any of the others, although Todd decided today was the day, and so behold, our bounty:

Ok, true, it's just a bowl of peppers and eggplant, but it's positively bursting! So big I couldn't even get it all in the photo! Oh, wait.

Hmm, bell peppers not much bigger than my thumb. Well, ok, but what about those beastly eggplants back there?!


Oh well! Todd's dad Bill told us about these mysterious "Nutrients" that need to be added to the "Soil" but I don't know, it sounds a little fishy to me.

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