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Monday, July 25, 2011

Behold: the power of pork

Alexandra just wrapped up a teething session which of course completely wiped out her appetite. She wanted to eat Cheerios, drink juice, and eat fruit pouches and that was about it. I had a little freak out about this last Wednesday because I felt like a failure of a mother for not getting my baby to eat, and also because I was sick of making food just to throw it away. But a friend helped with a story of a baby who ate nothing but yogurt six times a day, and then I mentally slapped myself silly for being so, well, silly.  I decided to just really rev up the mellow, if that makes any sense, and just be laid back about it, and I did! I had my trusty Toddler 411 to help me as well, which is something I can highly, highly recommend to all moms and dads out there. But this is not about books. This is about pork.

So anyways. We went to Todd's parents' house yesterday to pick Alexandra up from her sleepover and wound up staying for champagne, excus me, I mean, for dinner. With champagne. Anyways, Trudy, Todd's mom, made delicious pork chops with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and salad. And MY BABY ATE PORK. OMG. I literally lifted my hand towards the ceiling (and heaven beyond it), tipped my face up in exultant joy and shouted "PRAISE JESUS" as she ate not one, not two, but like 8 bites of pork. And then I had more champagne. Todd drove home. The end.

Just retelling this story makes me swell with victory and delight, because, despite my revved up mellowness, my cool mom who doesn't worry facade, inside I am an elderly Italian woman who wants to stuff that baby with as much food as possible because I am convinced she's starving.

1 comment:

  1. I HATE throwing away a whole plate of food that Max didn't even touch! I know exactly how you feel. And the relief when he eats something substantial is such a weight off my shoulders. Love the blog, you gotta follower in me :) Have you checked out our blog?

    Glad you're all doing well :)