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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boom, Crash, Nigh-Night!

An hour ago, I put a very sleepy little girl to bed. Now, back before she could sit up by herself, even though it was long past the time we should have lowered her mattress, I hated the idea. I loved being able to just bed down, kiss her all over her cute little face and her chubby little cheeks and her arms and her nose and smooth her hair away from her face. To lower her ALL the way down?! Blaspheme! How was I going to kiss my baby goodnight?

Well, I figured it out quickly, and I owe my method to my height, long legs, and utter stubbornness to look common sense in the face, spit in its eye, and keep doing what I had been doing. I  mean, sure I could kiss her while I still held her, but was that enough?

No. Have you seen her?

This is a chickadee who expects and deserves the best of the best. So I figured I could just lean my hips against the rail of the crib, tip over, rest my hand lightly on the mattress in the corner, and then proceed with my lovey-doveyness (yes that is a word). So I do this every night and have the small bruise on my left hip bone to prove it.

Cut to tonight. I do this procedure, as I do every night, except THIS time, as my legs swing up to counter-balance my weight and stupidity, my foot hooks into her little Fisher Price refrigerator kitchen set and sends it FLYING, FLYING I tell you, across her room and against her changing table/dresser, where it crashes and comes to a halt, only singing it's little Eat Healthy Meals song. So I tip back over, stagger in the dark across her room and shut the damn thing off, all while whispering "Sorry! My bad! Woopsadaisy! Haha! Oops!" to my poor, over-tired child.

Luckily she was super tired from the day and no mood for chit chat or curiosity as I returned to her crib, and yep, you guessed it, tipped over and kissed her all over again. I mean, I had already knocked the noisy toy over so what did I have to lose?

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