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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three Months to Three Years

You know, he was the first to make her laugh. It was September 2nd, 2010. Todd threw him pieces of paper that he'd jump around trying to snap at. You'd think a 100lb fang-tooth snapping his jaws all over the place would inspire fear, but I'm sorry, she is a fire sign and only fears repression. Her top five favorite things are highway robbery, winning arguments on the internet, prank calling the pope, skulking around catacombs and getting inside-joke text messages from Frank Black.

(Jil, those are your favorite things).

He still makes her laugh, you know. I'll have him "wipe his feet" which Todd taught him, where he spins in a circle, eager for a treat. Alex will laugh hysterically, twirling like a ballerina right there beside him, her only treat being, of course, the camaraderie that ensues. And he's so patient with the whole tail-pulling, screeching with laughter near his highly sensitive ears game.

Turns out her favorite things are actually destroying the house, having daddy throw her high into the air or launch her far onto the bed or let her walk on the ceiling, putting her stuffed animals in her little kitchen's microwave, running around the house letting Bingley chase her and pulling Patton's tail. So you know, still all fire sign things.

Most of Patton's favorite things are grosser than that, but one of them is definitely getting cuddles and kisses from his best non-kitty friend.

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