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Monday, July 15, 2013

It's a goddamn fitness post!

Well, shit son! We haven't had one of those in forever. I've been struggling maintaining frequent workouts throughout the week because I like to work out outside. I gave up  my gym memberships because ugh, gyms, and because I was running and biking and swimming there. Doing weights. Well, I run and bike outside. I can swim at the city pool two minutes from my house for $2 a visit. I have weights at home.

But now, it's hotter than hell outside and when it's under 100 degrees, the humidity is through the roof and there's the threat of afternoon rain and lightning and ALL ABOARD THE COMPLAIN TRAIN so there's that. But seriously, folks, the last bike ride I did was in 106 degree heat and I was fairly sure that I would make the news for being the dead girl found in a pool of her own vomit.

So, last week I decided to really ramp up the at-home, indoor workouts. I did my usual routine on Monday but subbed out burpees for mountain climbers. So here is what that was:

15 pushups
20 crunches on exercise ball
40 second plank
15 bicep curls with weights
15 squats with medicine ball (hold medicine ball straight up over your head. Squat, bounce the ball hard onto the floor, catch it and stand while lifting the ball over your head again)
30 bicycle crunches or 15 fold outs
30 mountain climbers.

I do those moves three times with a very short break between sets. Then the next workout I did incorporated more back and butt, which I have been neglecting lately.

30 supermans
40 second plank
15 tricep kickbacks with weights
15 backwards leg lifts per leg. Stand in front of a wall and place your palms on the wall for stability. Slowly lift one leg backwards, squeezing your glute while you do it. Return foot to floor. That's one. You can also do this on your hands and knees and lift your foot towards the ceiling.
15 bent over rows with weights
16 walking lunges with weights
15 bicep curls

I also do this set for a total of three times.

I was pleasantly sore in several places last week, and so I'm liking the idea of doing workout one on MWF and the second one on TTH. That way I never have to step foot out of the house and am only sweating because I earned it and not because the sun is trying to set my skin on fire. Plus my heart rate gets a nice healthy spike.

BUT THEN. I was on Dooce today and she posted the workout she does when she's pressed for time but still wants to flirt with vomiting, and it looks like a really, really good challenge. I don't.... I don't know if I'll try it, namely because the first exercise looks like you have to jump and land on your knees? I'm not sure. I can't check out the video of it right now, but will study it this evening and guauge whether or not I can handle it.

But if I can't muster the courage to try it, I think I will be doing the above two workouts all week long. I want to run tomorrow but the old plantar fasciitis has reared its ugly head again, and the idea of cleaning the house Wednesday while hobbling around like a crippled work horse has really lost its apeal.

Happy Monday and happy sweating!!

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  1. Ooo girl. Hop on board the BodyRock train. all home based workouts that can be modified up or down and require little equipment.