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Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Glass Dharma Straws

I'm in love! I'm in love! Just look how pretty!

ISN'T THAT JUST PRECIOUS? Oh man. Well, I ordered these bad boys, plus some stainless steel straws for Miss Thing, from Amazon the other day and I'm happy to report that they just came in yesterday afternoon. I immediately tore into the glass ones, found a mason jar, plunked a straw into it and turned maniacally to Todd and just started sort of shrieking about how adorable it was. I am serious. I did that. For the aesthetics of a glass straw in a glass jar. That combination is basically the cat macro of drinking accessories.

Now, I didn't set out to buy these all for the charm and elegance. I actually bought these because Alexandra and I are both huge straw users. She enjoys the convenience ("I don't know who you think you are, suggesting that I tip my head back to drink this"), and I enjoy not having my teeth throb in pain whenever something cold touches them. I probably look like I'm watching a horror movie when I'm eating ice cream.

So, between the two of us, we'd rip through five or so straws a day and that just started to seem extremely wasteful. Also when the dishwasher is full of clean dishes that you have to remove, and there are sixteen used cups and glasses, each with their own straw, sitting on the counter waiting for you, that shit gets irritating to look at.

So on the review! I bought four 9.5mm straws, and the set came with a cleaning brush (I hope to God that brush fits in my stainless steel set). And... I love them. I thought it might feel weird, using a glass straw, since obviously the glass makes them significantly wider than a traditional throw away plastic straw. But it wasn't weird at all! I loved it, and I am sure it's all in my head, but I swear the beverage tasted better. Cleaner? If that makes sense. I'm sure it was my imagination but at the same time, you feel better wearing clothes that are well made aside from all the shirts you compulsively buy at Target despite a slightly imperfect fit. Oh wait, is that just me?

And I'm sure you're all wondering how Alex enjoyed them. Everyone knows toddlers are notoriously difficult when it comes to New Experiences. For example she gave me such a Fuck You look when I shoveled a spoonful of mild green chile tamale in her mouth last night. Like, what is this shit. Where the fuck is my Trader Joe's organic mac and cheese with white Vermont cheddar. So I was expecting her to be all WTF over these straws.

Nope. Miss Thing loved it and pounded my entire glass of water. "She was just dehydrated Jil. It's clear you don't care for her, I mean you don't even brush her hair or wash her face." I assure you all, she was well hydrated. She was just really into that straw, man.

So, what grade do you give to a product that is classy as hell, charming to boot, good for the environment and if you believe the hype against plastic, good for our bodies as well?

A really fucking good one, that's what! I mean, look at how PRETTY it is.

Grade: A+

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  1. Speaking of beautiful straws, I recently did an extensive review of Glass Dharma's red sipper straw. I included a lot of pictures, the pros and cons, and whether or not I'd buy it again. I also did a fun science project for children involving light refraction. I sincerely hope it is helpful to you!