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Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Earth Pan with Sandflow Cookware

I'm going to be up front, right from the beginning, and explain that I didn't fully realize the sort of TLC that nonstick cookware requires. Low heat, NO cooking spray (it interferes with the pan's inherent nonstick capabilities), etc. Well, I guess those are the main ones. I had no idea you shouldn't use oil, butter or cooking sprays to guarantee a non-stick situation.

But I learned quickly when I bought this cookware set. What you see above is what I have, and they came with a little laundry list of what to and not to do while cooking with them. There were even specific instructions for when you want butter or oil to flavor your food. I should have known then that I'd be disappointed in the long run. If it's not going to screw you or clean your house for you, then it doesn't need to be so demanding, you know what I mean?

No, I don't have sex with my cookware.

Anyways, the major pitfall of this shitty cookware is that the BOTTOMS of the pans and skillets are also covered in this ~omg sandflow nonstick technology~ so you know what that means? Yeah, you got it: the bottoms are all scuffed andscraped clean of the sandflow in some places or, in the case of my large skillet, almost everywhere.

I don't use the green side of the sponge on these bad boys. I'm gentle and careful. But still, on the rim of my smallest skillet, the sandflow crap has already chipped off and peeled off and I'm so fed up I can't even stand it. I've not even had these things a year.

The nonstick surfacing has also bubbled up on the bottoms and sides of the skillets, and I'd like to think that is through no fault of my own. Once a fan of a nice sear brought to you by medium high heat, I now cook shit on medium at the max. I'm glad I kept my extra large T-Fal for my stir frys, let me just tell you.

Another major disappointment is that if you follow the instructions, the shit is still not fully non-stick. No butter, no cooking spray, low heat... And eggs still stick. It did a perfect nonstick egg ONE TIME. The second time the stuff was cemented on, and I tried their other trick of just boiling vinegar but nope, that shit required soaking and major yellow-side-of-the-sponge scrubbing.

The only good thing that's come of my experience with Earth Pan Cookware is that I'm giving up on this nonstick horseshit. I'm going to slowly replace them with either stainless steel over the next year, or Le Creuset skillets over the span of my lifetime. I'm going to keep my T-Fal for stir frys (has THAT nonstick stuff chipped? NOPE), and I'm going to get a little egg skillet for when I make my eggs. And I'm going to figure out a fun, Office Space-style way to destroy these goddamn things.

Grade: F

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