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Monday, April 15, 2013

Her Blue Period.

Her favorite color is red. She actually requested a red cake for her birthday party, one with Cinderella and Aurora on it. After pricing out the cost of a red velvet cake, with edible paper screened with Aurora and Cinderella (nearly $100!!!), you can color me relieved to find $3 boxes of red velvet cake mix, and $5 rubber-skirted princess figurines to plunk into the $2 cream cheese frosting.

Anyways, her favorite color is red. She LOVES the color. I used to as well until I just threw my hands in the air in surrender and accepted the fact that my favorite color is now pink.

Why can't I stay on topic?

See, she's all, "Mom, what the hell are you talking about?"

Her artwork is usually huge masses of red that are eventually muddied when she finally explores other colors and piles them on on the other. But lately, my girl is into blues.

These were taken a couple of weeks ago but for Easter she received water colors as a gift, and Todd, who majored in art, dug up some super expensive water color paper he had back in his salad days, and let her use it. And guess what? The blue fascination has remained.

I suppose it's only natural. A friend of mine, Allison, told me she learned in one of her classes that young children, specifically toddlers, learn things through excessive repetition. I was like, "I have watched Sleeping Beauty about 54875689476 goddamn times. I am living this."

 Naturally she explored the hell out of red, so now, it makes sense that she moves on. And while I did used to adore red, big globs of red finger paint starts to look a little grisly after awhile so the calming, soothing coolness of blue is an attractive alternative.

Paint on, ma petite artiste.

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